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Our history

BBS - Berry Bowling Systems (formerly known as ABS Sport Surfaces) became involved in the design and installation of synthetic sports surfaces and systems in the 1980's:

1989    Alan Berry enters the synthetic industry marketing synthetic surfaces to sports clubs in Victoria.

1993    ABS Sport Surfaces installs the first Pro-Master Super synthetic bowling green surface in Victoria.

Alan Berry initiates laying synthetic surfaces at 45 degree angles, and for the first time using short pile non directional synthetic grass. 

Both being major breakthroughs for clubs and the industry, which are now industry standards.

1995    Pro-Master Super attains World Bowls Board Certification.

Pro-Master Super Cushion back is developed. A huge comfort innovation for bowlers. Still the only cushion back surface in the market.

1996    Alan Berry initiates the Berry Free Draining Base System. Another major development, now used by many in the industry.

2001    Berry's build there first overseas synthetic bowling green at Santa Maria, California, USA.

2003    Berry's start marketing and installing Dales Pro-Green Needle Punched synthetic bowling green surface.

2004    Berry's become an Australia wide bowling green installer, no longer just Victoria.

2007    Berry's start marketing and installing Dales Pro-Green Plus Needle Punched synthetic bowling green surface.

2009    Construction of the largest indoor bowling green at Brighton, with Dales Pro-Weave Indoor synthetic surface.

2009    Introduction of Dale Pro-Weave 1000 synthetic surface at Lakes Entrance. The heaviest strongest woven surface in the market.

2010    ABS Sport Surfaces change its name to Berry Bowling Systems. A specialist company in the lawn bowls industry.

2010    Berry Bowling Systems (BBS) increase its support to the lawn bowls industry, buying the Retractable Shade System from Shadex Industries.

2010    The first redesigned Berry Retractable Shade System is built at Yarrawonga, Victoria.

2010    BBS open its office and warehouse in Western Australia.

2011    Dales Pro-Green Plus is enhanced to provide total temperature stability.

2014    BBS design, manufacture and introduce Automatic Electronic Scoreboards to the lawn bowls industry.

2016    BBS reach 600 Bowling Green Installations.

2016    BBS extend its exclusive Dales representation to the USA and New Zealand.

2017    Mr Alan Berry unfortunately passes away in March. He is succeeded by his two son’s Ian Berry and Stephen Berry as the new owners of Berry Bowling Systems.

2017    Berry Bowling Systems is registered as a business in both the USA and New Zealand.

2017    Dales Pro-Master Ultra Cool Plus is introduced to the market as a low sand high fiber density product. World Bowls Board Certification for this product is also achieved.

2017    BBS install the first Dales Pro-Green Plus in the USA at San Jose, California.

2018    The USA Open is played on the newly converted bowling green Sun City Grand in Phoenix, Arizona. BBS completed construction one week before the Open.

2018    BBS install the first Pro-Master Ultra Cool Plus in the USA at Cambria, California.