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Supplied by Dales Sports Surfaces in England (the largest supplier of synthetic bowling greens), exclusively for Berry Bowling Systems. A very high quality Woven bowls carpet, manufactured to the highest possible UV standards in the world, specifically to withstand Australia’s hash weather conditions and extreme UV exposure.

Pro-Weave 1000 is the new generation woven bowls carpet produced to increase player comfort and surface longevity.

Underpads are designed to obtain the correct response and performance required. As well as comfort levels and surface longevity.

The Dales Underpad and the Dales surface are a combined system approved by the World Boards Board.

The first of this new generation outdoor surface was laid at the Lakes Entrance Bowls Club - Two 8 rink greens completed in August 2009. Since then the demand for these greens has grown with BBS building them in nearly every state.




Produced by Dales Sports Surfaces in England, exclusively for Berry Bowling Systems. The same very high quality Woven bowls carpet used throughout the United Kingdom and Europe at only the best quality indoor bowling centers.

Used by World Bowls for competition, this amazing indoor bowls surface is a high performer and pleasure to bowl on, available in traditional Green or Competition Blue.

The first and largest new Indoor Bowling was built and installed by BBS at the Brighton Bowling + Sporting Club in Victoria . One 8 rink green and one 4 rink green (designed for International competition and television), designed and built in August 2009, on a specially designed sound deadening and layered timber structure.

Berry Bowling Systems constructed a specially designed timber floor, with noise barriers and absorption, over which they laid speed controlling under pads and finally stretched the Pro-Weave Tournament surface.

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