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Our company

“Quality construction was the foundation of our business, and continues to be the philosophy of the company and its people.”

Alan Berry AOM - Company Founder

Alan Berry founded the business group now know as BERRY SPORT SURFACES in 1986 which includes BERRY BOWLING SYSTEMS (BBS) specialising in the design, construction, installation and maintenance of the full range of market leading synthetic lawn bowling surfaces. Berry Bowling Systems is respected by Alan Berry's peers and competitors as setting the standards for quality synthetic lawn bowls installations.

The first synthetic bowling green surface was laid by BBS in 1993 at Heathcote Victoria, since then constructing over 600 bowling greens around Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada and Asia. 

Berry Bowling Systems constructions are designed to satisfy the very demanding requirements of bowling clubs playability and longevity. The proof is being played on every day, by thousands of bowlers.

Based in Melbourne, Australia - designing, constructing and installing in every state of Australia, throughout New Zealand, the USA and Canada, Berry Bowling Systems continues to push the boundaries of quality design, construction and installation, recognizing that each project can be different depending on location, climate, soil conditions, etc.

Berry Bowling Systems has set high standards for innovation, cost-effective design and construction of installations ranging from one rink to huge 12 rink greens.

Service is our strongest asset. We always call back. We always come back. We are here for the long run, not in the business for a quick sale.

Alan Berry regards each installation as its best reference, and his catch cry is “BBS will not comprise on it's quality."